Hunting is done from a variety of elevated box blinds (heaters available if needed), hang on, ladder, and climbing stands set up on pinch points and scrape lines to ambush these giant bodied rutting Whitetail bucks cruising for does.

The stands are set up with safety and comfort in mind, making it all that much easier to sit all day long waiting for the buck of a lifetime with many deer killed between 11 AM and 2 PM every year.

The Whitetail populations have been on the rise with the recent easy winters.  Combine that with the better than average agricultural yields that grow these huge bodied deer and a client can come up with the expectations of seeing Whitetails over 140 inches and a chance of taking a deer over 170.

PRICE $6250


November 5-11
November 12-18
November 19-25

November 3-9
November 10-16
November 17-23