Private Ground Whitetail Hunts

Private Ground Whitetail Hunts

Our private ground whitetail hunt is conducted on 2400 continuous acres of grain fields and creek bottoms along the world-renowned Battle River valley, this is a whitetail hunting paradise.  The camp supports a limited number of clients each year following a strict whitetail management plan with age and size restrictions to ensure trophy quality is maintained.  Hunting is conducted from comfortable stands, all day sits are the norm.  

Contact for availability

What's Included

  • Lodge accommodations 
  • All hunts include pick up and drop off from the hotel located near the airport on the hunt start/finish dates
  • Transportation within the hunting area during your hunt
  • Comfortable stands/blinds
  • Caping and field dressing of your trophy
  • Experienced guide
  • Guaranteed tags (no draws)
  • Meat and trophy export forms

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