Rib Creek Outfitters Testimonials

Rib Creek Outfitters Testimonials

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Wade H.

I found Rib Creek Outfitters online and called Zach to discuss how he operates. I immediately felt his passion for whitetail hunting and he wasn't attempting to sell me a hunt. He was direct and honest about what hunters can expect. There were no empty promises about the deer you can expect to have an opportunity to shoot. Licenses are guaranteed which made the decision to plan the hunt easy.

My first hunt with Rib Creek Outfitters exceeded my expectations. The accommodations were extremely comfortable, the meals were fantastic and they were willing to accommodate any special requests I had. The stands we hunted in were solid, comfortable, elevated and covered blinds that protect you from the elements so sitting all day was never an issue. Zach had done his scouting well in advance so the stands were placed in high traffic areas where you can expect to see a good amount of deer. I saw numerous, large Alberta whitetails throughout the week and eventually took a nice 10 pointer that is now hanging on my wall.

If you're concerned about flying with your firearm or getting through customs with it, don't be. It's always a breeze and I have never had any issues.

I had been to several different outfitters for 15 years prior to finding Rib Creek. I no longer go anywhere else. Zach and his staff work hard to make sure every hunter enjoys his experience and I look forward to many more hunts in the future.

Book a hunt with Rib Creek Outfitters! You won't be disappointed.

Sean R.

Hunted with Rib Creek and Zach several times now and thoroughly enjoyed every trip. Zach works hard and busts his butt to help you succeed always giving 110 percent to make his clients happy. Good food, good lodging and lots of fun and laughs as well. Definitely recommend Rib Creek if you plan to hunt Alberta.

Ricky B.

If you want a quality hunting experience and a chance to hang your tag on a real Canadian bruiser, I highly recommend Rib Creek Outfitters!

Carl L.

Just did one of my bucket list hunts with these guys. Got my big Alberta moose. Had a great trip with some great guys. Good food and good equipment. Highly recommend them.

Dewey A.

I've Hunted Alberta since 2000. I love hunting these big Alberta whitetails theres nothing like it.  I'm 100% kill rate hunting my biggest scored 168 but I've killed a few deer with lots of character. Ive known Zach and Shayla 10 years they give it all they have to get you your animals do provide a comfortable camp. I highly recommend this hunt.

Jeff D.

Great guides. Hunted with the Bowens 4 years and counting and have always had a great time. Spotted lots of good whitetails and ended up harvesting a couple big ones. The battle river drainage has great terrain and I would recommend this hunt to anyone.

Chuk C.

I hunted with RCO in 2019. I was looking for a fair chase hunt in the big woods of Alberta for a chance at one of those big bodied bucks that the region is famous for. Make no mistake about it, there is a reason that not everyone has one of those chocolate racked brutes on their wall. The terrain is vast and the deer density is nothing compared to hunting southern farmland deer. If you are looking to see a couple dozen deer in a day you are researching the wrong area. What you can expect is exactly what Zach told me to expect. An excellent chance to get a shot at a mature buck if you stay alert during your hunt. Zach does what he can to give the hunter every reasonable advantage. The stands are comfortable and in well scouted locations, and the camp has everything a deer camp should. The meals are excellent and the camp comradery was a lot of fun.

But my favorite part of hunting that country is the unknown. The amount of ground that those big bucks will cover in a season is staggering, which is why you never know what will step out in the cutline from one minute to the next. You have to believe that at any time during the hunt, the biggest buck of your life could be seconds away from stepping into your opening and that is the moment you wait all year for.

My week in the bush ended up with plenty of deer sightings, and the chance at a good buck that Zach said I would get. Unfortunately for me, I blew my opportunity, and that buck is likely still out there. The only thing that stopped me from returning in 2020 was the pandemic, but as soon as travel restrictions relax, I will be looking for redemption in that big Alberta timber once again.

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