Rib Creek Outfitters Spring Black Bear hunt takes place in Northern Alberta’s Boreal Forest along the breaks of one of the largest river valleys in the province.  The entire area consists of giant tracts of untouched old growth forest intersected by cut lines and winter logging roads.  These lines give us access to proven areas within the hunting areas.

Due to the vast area we hunt and the prevalence of black bears in Northern Alberta, our success rates are extremely high on trophy class black bear.

Hunting is done from baits and the safety of a ladder stand in the same locations year after year.  Some of the baits have been running for over 20 years and are often visited by bears in the spring before we can even bait them.  This consistency is what makes the hunt a success from seeing multiple bears each evening to killing a true northern bruin or a beautiful color phase bear.

Hunting is only done during the evening hours, giving clients the majority of the day to relax around the lodge, shoot the bows or other weapon of choice.  The average shot distance is between 18-22 yards which makes this the perfect archery hunt, but any weapon can be utilized.

PRICE $7000


May 5-11
May 12-18
May 19-25

May 11-17
May 18-24
May 25-31
June 1-7